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Screenwriting Support




Synopsis - Comprehensive written review - 860 USD

Screenplay - Comprehensive written review - 1,820 USD

One-hour Zoom meeting - 220 USD



Q & A


What's included in your review? What are the parameters for your analysis?

The review is divided into three parts:

*Specific narrative analysis.

*Comments and suggestions for improvement (included in the text).

*A general assessment.

The narrative analysis focuses on 8 parameters: characters' portrayal and the protagonist's emotional exploration, internal obstacles, main conflict, narrative structure, narrative ingenuity, narrative credibility, theme, and artistic insights. 


Do I pay in advance?



Will you read my synopsis, after I’ve revised it based on your review?

If so, will you charge me extra?

I would love to read a revised version of your synopsis and offer my opinion, and I will not charge an additional fee, since it’s an integral part of my proposal.


Can you provide a review on a full-length screenplay? 

If so, how much will it cost?

Yes. The top of the page, lists prices for the services I provide. But I suggest taking one step at a time. The synopsis is akin to an X-ray of the script, so I highly recommend focusing first on the synopsis. If the synopsis is well written, it may be sufficient for you to proceed with your screenplay.

If you still need an analysis and a review of the script, I'm here for you.


How long will it take for you to review my synopsis?

Within 21 days from the time I receive your document.


Will you host workshops in the future for English-written screenplays?

Yes. In November, 2022 (precise dates will be provided).


Can you write a synopsis or a screenplay for me?

If so, how much would it cost?

No. I wouldn't write your screenplays or synopses for any amount of money,

since it's against my principles.


Do you have any other questions? Please email them to me




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