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Hey everyone,


My name is Matan Shiram, I am a screenwriter, director,

and a screenwriting workshop host. The purpose of my website is to assist screenwriters from all over the globe in structuring their scripts, improving the content, and polishing their materials.


My approach, reflected in my own creative writing and workshops,

is recognizing the importance of basing narrative on the protagonist’s traits and behaviors. Character formulates plot. Hence the immense significance in focusing on creating fully-formed characters at the beginning stages of the project.


As a workshop host, and also as a former film critic, a screenwriter, and a lector in film funds, I can maintain with certainty that when issues with the script arise, they often stem from an underdeveloped protagonist.


The good news is, at any point, a character can be abstracted from the narrative, in order to reassess and recreate its form.

When a protagonist is reestablished in the plot, with its renewed essence, the narrative will inevitably have been favorably altered, dramatically at times.


In recent years, I have been focusing on my screenwriting research, exploring various writing theories and techniques, supported by an array of characters I've created for film and TV.

In fact, engaging in research and theory development, alongside creative writing, has become an essential part of my life.


My website is a way for me to propagate my insights in the hopes of reaching as many aspiring screenwriters as possible and elevate the passion and joy of creativity and self analysis.

My plans are to periodically publish new articles and exercises in my site, and translate sections from my blog into English.


Whether or not you are a film-school graduate, an active or aspiring screenwriter, I believe that you can master the profound qualities of the concepts, and benefit from my articles and exercises,

all in your spare time, and free.


If you need my personal assistance, I'm always happy to help.


Pleasant reading,


Matan Shiram

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