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Some Screenwriting Insights

עודכן: 22 במרץ 2022

*Screenwriting is the art of the soul, therefore, our emotions are our tools. It’s not always simple to connect with them.

*We may find ourselves writing a story different in its core, from the one we set out to write. This can occur if we lack confidence in our idea, or can be due to our fear of emotional vulnerability.

*The main conflict will always lead us to the real story.

*Exploration of the main conflict is a prerequisite for the journey to self-discovery.

*Defamiliarization allows us to expand our personal space.

*When we do not validate our own emotions and process them properly, we lose our emotional balance. The same relates to screenwriting.

*In scripts where characters drive the narrative, a screenwriter must overcome the natural tendency to exploit tropes (as well as navigating towards stereotypes).

*Inner antagonist - the most prominent antagonist is the one inherent in ourselves. It exists and functions within us. This explains why issues with our surroundings stem first and foremost from our own anxieties.

*Desire – The fantasy of the soul. Need – Inevitability of reality.

*Desire – Mock control. Need – Freedom from the manacles of Desire.

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