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Ten rules to remember when you are ready to write your script

עודכן: 23 במרץ 2022

1. A story deals with characters' emotional needs.

This is true for every story. Even a war drama.

2. It's important to approach the formation of characters with affection and to empathize with them.

Lack of compassion towards a character is often indicative of inadequate comprehension of their essence.

3. The inciting incident can stem from inner drives, rather than external forces.

The inciting incident can exist as a backstory, before the on-screen narrative even begins.

4. A valuable question to ask yourself: Does what the character want match what it really needs?

This question is also beneficial for daily self-reflection.

5. Another relevant question: Are the character's desires actually obstacles?

Naturally, what the character needs is never an obstacle.

6. It’s essential to recognize that human beings are capable of anything.

But there must be a justifiable reason.

7. Being genuine with both our writing and ourselves, is one and the same.

Always be honest.

8. There are no topics that are taboo, rather there are motifs that have not been deliberated sufficiently.

Be courageous.

9. Beware of self-deprecating, self-destructive behaviors – these demeanors stem from our fear of rejection.

In order to be truly present, we must dismiss the noise in our heads and remain true to ourselves.

10. Imagination creates reality, and not the other way around.

And in the script, just as in life: What needs to happen will happen - as long as we don't obstruct the natural course of events.

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